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‘You’ve got to make sure the entertainer for your next party is
Bandaloni the one man band!’
- Al Roker, NBC Today show
‘Oh, there’s a lot going on with this guy; very impressive!’
- Regis Philbin
‘That’s talented. That guy is awesome!’
- Willie Geist & Natalie Morales, NBC Today show
‘Many plan their trip to the Iowa State Fair to see Bandaloni’s performances. Paul you are truly a class act person and performer. We value your entertainment and also your professionalism.’
- Tonya Cook
Special Events Director Iowa State Fair
‘He brings life and energy to any celebration or event. His talent is unique and unforgettable. You will not be disappointed when you hire the one and only Bandaloni!’
- Deanna Smith, Rec & Culture Dept,
Town of New Market
‘He is much much much more than a one-man-band! Call him a one-man-bundle-of-incredible- crowd-pleasing-talent! Call him a one-of-a-kind-artist-of-extraordinary-zaniness-and-unstoppable-energy!’
- Anne Edie Western Fair
press-quotes-image-70 ‘Your business acumen has guided me into some great opportunities for my clients. Specifically with Remax and Deloitte & Touche, the customized drum skins were a great hit!’
- Carol Priest Entertainment
‘One of the great things about your show is the flexibility you provide us as event organizers.’
- Mike Mueller, Parks & Rec, City of Burlington
‘Bandaloni, we caught you at the Calgary Stampede. What a show! We travel all over the world and you are the best thing we have ever seen! Keep up the amazing thing you do.’
- Jon & Marla, Berlin, Germany
‘OH my GOODNESS. We saw Bandaloni at the San Diego County Fair last week & we were totally AWE STRUCK. What an amazing performance. Couldn’t & still can’t stop bragging about you & your Performance. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the GREAT ENTERTAINMENT. Question?? Why aren't you on the T.V. show America‘s Got Talent? You would be the winner for sure.’
- Sandee From Cleveland, OHIO USA
Saw your show for the first time at the New York State Fair and was completely blown away. Had to come back and see you 4 more times. Told friends and co-workers to find you and catch your act. They too were blown away. Wrote to state fair officials to beg you to come back if you’ll have us. Thank you for the most memorable event of the State Fair for me.
- Dan Richer, Utica, NY, USA
We saw your show a couple of times at the State Fair. It was the best ever!!! PLEASE come back soon!
- Tom, Iowa, USA
Bandaloni, you have been performing at our company Christmas party for the last 4 years and we look forward to seeing you every year! You have become a tradition we cherish! The kids have so much fun with your performance! You are fantastic!
- Karen, Kitchener, ON

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Bandaloni the One Man Band Bio (Long Version)

Bandaloni is an amazing, 100% live musical one man band show of the highest professional caliber that is good fun and entertaining for people of all ages. Get this, he uses no backing tracks!!! Bandaloni the one man band has rediscovered this old tradition and by means of present day technologies, infused it with a modern makeover. The instruments in the show range in number depending on the material or song being performed. Altogether 13 things can be happening at one time with a full drum kit (Kick drum, 2-Hi-Hats, Snare, Cowbell, Tambourine and Crash Cymbal), Harmonica’s, main vocal, harmony vocals (up to 4 extra voices), plus a highly customized guitar with the ability to simultaneously play a bass run and rhythm guitar. The guitar can also sound like a banjo, mandolin, sitar or a 12 string among other onboard instruments. Bandaloni's forte is ground level performances executed on his eye popping, highly customized sound system which Bandaloni refers to as his ‘Grandfathers Ipod’ or ‘the Granpod’. It is fully battery operated, wireless and self contained which gives him the ability to perform literally anywhere. Bandaloni the one man band draws from a century deep well of classic songs, spanning all musical genres with an emphasis on Rock & Roll and Country. The show also involves lots of audience participation combined with humor and astounding novelty tricks executed on his custom made guitar and drum rig.

Every show is different from the last and that’s how he likes it. You never know what will happen except good times, plenty of laughs and wide eyed-smiles of amazement.


The One Man Band Back Story (History)

I was very inspired to become a One Man Band by a book I read in the 90’s called and about ‘The Great Farini’. He was a fascinating Canadian of the 19th and 20th century who managed to accomplish many feats in his life besides being a top notch entertainer and show promoter. His real name was William Hunt but changed his name to sound more exotic just as I was inspired to do the same with ‘Bandaloni’. I always thought my new name was pretty obvious as a ‘band alone’ but with the ‘i’ thrown at the end to make the obvious more subtle but I’m still amazed at the people that don’t make the connection. In 1999 to pay my respects, I made a pilgrimage of sorts to ‘The Great Farini’s’ gravesite in Port Hope, ON. That was my very first summer travelling and entertaining as Bandaloni. Farini is really worth investigating for anyone interested in great Canadian Biography’s.

Now I’ve been performing professionally as Bandaloni, the One Man Band (OMB) since 1999. When living in Calgary, I constructed my first apparatus or ‘Rig’ as I like to call it, out of a kick drum that I had sitting on my back deck. I had been using it for many years as a beer cooler as I was no drummer by any stretch. Built it, rehearsed a handful of songs and headed out on the long road to where I am now. My background was in Art (BFA in Sculpture) plus sales (audio gear) and of course music. It was a perfect storm of sorts to integrate all of these acquired skills to fabricate, play and sell the show, always keeping the wheels greased if you will, always moving forward.


Bandaloni the One Man Band Bio (Short Version)

Bandaloni is an amazing, jaw dropping 100% live musical one man band show with loads of audience interaction, humor and astounding novelty tricks executed on his custom made guitar and drum rig. A One Man Band? That means bass & rhythm guitar, harmonica, plus a kick drum, 2 high-hats, snare drum, cowbell, tambourine, and singing with live harmonies...all performed at the same time! This topnotch show is great fun and entertaining for people of all ages.

Bandaloni the one man band draws from a century deep well of songs, spanning all musical genres with an emphasis on classic Rock & Roll and Country. Every show is different from the last and that’s how he likes it. You never know what you’ll encounter except a good time, plenty of laughs and wide eyed-smiles.

Note: Look for Bandaloni’s highly customized sound system that he refers to as his ‘Grandfather's iPod’ or ‘the Granpod’.


MC Intro for Bandaloni the One Man Band

Your mental picture of a musician is about to get a funny facelift, proof that laughter is music for the soul. The one & only Bandaloni delivers an amazing musical One Man Band show of the highest caliber that is good fun and entertaining for folks of all ages.

He has appeared as a special guest on a live broadcast of ‘America’s Got Talent’ with Regis Philbin and the ‘Today’ show with Al Roker.

And now ladies and gentleman, the only human known to outlast the energizer bunny, Bandaloni the one man band!

He has entertained at fairs, pro and semi-pro sporting events, trade shows, corporate parties, art galleries, kids shows, celebrity golf tournaments, stampedes, conventions, horse races, weddings, street performer festivals, reunions, store openings, … and if you like him, he will even play at your own funeral! Payment must be made in full before…hmm hmmm, departure!




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