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One Man Band Strolling Show


The one man band Bandaloni's strolling show is a fun, audience interactive, ground level performance executed on his eye popping, highly customized sound system which Bandaloni the one man band refers to as his ‘Grandfather's iPod’ or ‘the Granpod’. Used in conjunction with the ‘Bandwagon’, it is fully battery operated, wireless and remote controlled which gives him the ability to perform literally anywhere!
Every strolling show is different from the last and that’s how he likes it. You never know what you’ll encounter except good times, plenty of laughs and wide eyed-smiles of amazement from the whole family.




The one man band Bandaloni: “Of course I tailor the music to the event I'm playing. There's a song or a joke for every age group or music lover. I have songs for kids or seniors and of course my shows are all family friendly.”


* Technical Note: The ‘Granpod’ can also be easily wired into a front of house or stage sound system using 1 channel (full range output) or all 8 channels to be individually mixed.


What remains constant between the stage and strolling shows is the one man band Bandaloni’s ability to connect with audiences and choose a playlist that resonates with fans both young and old.

The one man band Bandaloni: “As a performer, it’s fabulous to see three and four generations of a family at my shows,” says Bandaloni. “In some cases grandparents even remember one man bands from the fairs of their youth. For the younger generations, they’re amazed to find out that my whole show is 100% live. There are no pre-recorded backing tracks. “It’s all in the moment.”



One Man Band Stage Show



The stage show is a jaw dropping, 100% live musical one man band show with loads of audience interaction, humor and astounding novelty tricks executed on his custom made guitar and drum rig. Further customize the show with a corporate sponsored drum skin or show stopping pyrotechnic finale! 


The one man band Bandaloni: “My show is a musical as well as a visual event. I've spent years building a topnotch sound system. My drum contraption is engineered to make a visual statement as well as sounding the best it possibly can!”


Note: A combination package of both Stage and Strolling shows is also available.