For Hire - Grandpod - Bandaloni The One Man Band

About-Granpod-147-smaller Bandaloni the one man band refers to his highly customized sound system as his ‘Grandfather's Ipod’ or ‘the Granpod’. This beautiful, hand crafted oversized replica of a 1930's Atwater Kent Cathedral Style Radio boasts 1200 watts of clean power - all the better to broadcast more crisp live sound to Bandaloni's demanding audiences.
The huge radio is driven to performances via a motorized ‘Bandwagon’, remotely controlled by the versatile musician. With the help of wireless modern technologies and electronic advancements, Bandaloni the one man band has the ability to perform literally anywhere, anytime! one-man-band-bandaloni-granpod-2
one-man-band-bandaloni-granpod-3 A team of exclusive expert metal fabricators, fine woodworkers, sound and electronic technicians worked for almost a year to Bandaloni's exacting specifications to create this incredible radio, which sounds even better than it looks. 

As the one man band Bandaloni says, “It's the greatest battery operated sound system on the planet!”

“I use top-of-the-line audio equipment, and the sound is so rich that some assume I use pre-recorded vocal or backing tracks. But I always keep in mind the tradition of the one man band from the turn of the century. Everything you hear is 100 percent live, even though my wireless audio system is state of the art”. one-man-band-bandaloni-granpod-4


* Technical Note: The ‘Granpod’ can also be easily wired into a front of house system using 1 channel (full range output) or all 8 channels to be individually mixed.