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Bandaloni, the One Man Band, has been performing professionally since 1999. While living in Calgary, he constructed his first apparatus or ‘Rig’ as he likes to call it, out of a kick drum that was sitting on his back deck. He had been using it for many years as a beer cooler and was no drummer by any stretch. Built it, rehearsed a handful of songs and headed out on the long road to where he is now. His background in Art (BFA in Sculpture) plus sales (audio gear) and of course music, proved to be a perfect storm of sorts to integrate all of the for-mentioned skills into a successful One Man Band. Fabricating, playing and selling his One Man Band show has always been the focus, keeping the wheels greased and always moving forward. Providing entertainment for corporate events, fairs, festivals, sporting events and many more esoteric engagements.


Bandaloni was very inspired to become a One Man Band by a biography he read in the 1990’s called and about ‘The Great Farini’. He was a fascinating Canadian of the 19th and 20th century who managed to accomplish many feats in his life besides being a top notch entertainer and show promoter. His name was William Hunt but changed it to Guillermo Farini to sound more exotic just as this One Man Band was inspired to do the same with ‘Bandaloni’ or more to the point, ‘a Band alone’.

(Bandaloni: “I always thought the name was pretty obvious as a ‘band alone’ but with the ‘i’ thrown at the end to make the obvious more subtle but I’m still amazed at the people that don’t make the connection”) In 1999 to pay his respects, he made a pilgrimage of sorts to ‘The Great Farini’s’ gravesite in Port Hope, ON. That was his very first summer travelling and entertaining as Bandaloni, the One Man Band.




It’s not unusual now for Bandaloni and his One Man Band to spend several months in any given year, touring in his ‘Van-aloni’ across the continent. Bandaloni’s calendar is primarily filled with state, provincial, national and county fairs on both sides of the Canadian/US border with a generous amount of corporate events plus various themed festivals thrown in for good measure.


Besides this new website, CD-recording and documentary for 2014, He is planning a One Man Band reunion tour…yes, that’s right, a reunion tour! A very much tongue-in-cheek kind of tour with new songs, schtick and equipment to provide that freshness that he desires to keep audiences enthralled and himself sane. This is in keeping with a credo he embraced when he first started performing as a One Man Band many years ago; that was to push this unique ‘art form’ as far as he could go with it. The journey is far from over for Bandaloni, the One Man Band as new experiences, audiences and adventures await just beyond this thing called the ‘World Wide Web’! Join him!


The following is a brief overview of the information you will find on the website:


AboutHomePage About Bandaloni
A One Man Band? Follow Bandaloni’s pictorial history from the very beginning to the present. Insightful captions highlight the many corporate events plus the fairs/festivals and sport industry gigs he has had the pleasure of performing at. There’re all here! There are surprises too! Meet ‘The Man’: Get a behind the scenes look and feel for ‘the man’ behind the One Man Band. Meet the family and other musical characters in his life. Find out what makes him tick, what drives him to do what he does! Break on through to the other side…of the One Man Band! The Legend of Bandaloni: It may or may not be true, you decide for yourself!



One Man Band For HireFind out why Bandaloni's 100% live musical one man band strolling or stage shows are considered ‘the best in the entertainment business’ or how every show is customized to make it different from the last! Jaw dropping show?...CHECK! Good times?...CHECK!, Plenty of laughs?...CHECK! Wide eyed-smiles of amazement from the whole family or adult corporate crowd?...CHECK! Pyrotechnic finale?...CHECK!


Marvel at the highly customized sound system which Bandaloni refers to as his ‘Grandfather’s iPod’ or ‘the Granpod’. See how the ‘Bandwagon’ works in conjunction with this sound engineering phenomenon. How can he perform literally anywhere, anytime? Check it out and see!



You’ll find many satisfied clients here! You will want to add your corporate event to the growing list of Happy Customers.


TourHomePage One Man Band TourYou will want to check in here often as it constantly changes with additional One Man Band shows being added frequently. Plan your outing accordingly or find a spot on the calendar to book Bandaloni for your own corporate event or private celebration.
One Man Band VideosAdjust those rabbit ears and dial in Bandaloni’s own Youtube channel and find (or post) your favourite video performance of this incredible One Man Band. Music, Fan and Fun videos can all be found here. VideosHomePage


presshomepage One Man Band PressFor those looking for Bandaloni promotional material, press releases, quotes, high & low resolution photos for your corporate event or fair program, look no further as you can find it all in this section.


One Man Band PicsNever before seen images of Bandaloni, the One Man Band, in front and back of the stage plus fan photos or pictures of hard core ‘Fan-Aloni’s’ (Fans of Bandaloni!). Also included in this section are candid ‘on the road’ shots with the One Man Band in his element. This is where one can really get a feel for a show and the joy surrounding it. PicsHomePage


StoreHomePage2 One Man Band StoreFind your swag of choice here! Something for everyone including musical instruments, original art gallery, clothing and of course Bandaloni’s One Man Band DVD’s and his million seller CD (that means he’s got a million of’em in his cellar) entitled ‘Bandemonium’! All products can be customize for corporate event branding if required and for a fee.