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New Year, New Shows!

Happy New Year all you present and future Fan-Aloni’s!   Exciting times continue in the One Man Band world of Bandaloni. A new recording and a very cool (if I do say so myself) DVD documentary is in the can and being prepared for sale for the upcoming season. Also, NEW equipment and alchemical tinkerings […]

Welcome to the new website of Bandaloni the one man band!

Welcome one and all to the NEW website of ‘The One and Only Bandaloni’! It’s been a long time coming! Much sweat and combined effort has gone into the creation of this new site and I do hope you enjoy it and visit often.     I would like to personally thank Adam Jenkins, our […]

Thank You!

This is a great opportunity to thank all of the fairs, festivals and corporate events for bringing my One Man Band act on board to entertain their guests in 2013. Speaking of guests, I am frequently humbled by the outpouring of support from fans and strangers alike, especially musicians. You continue to inspire my heart […]

What’s in a Name?

As my 3rd ever ‘Blogaloni’ entry, I explain my name for those who have not yet made the connection:   One Man Band: Definition:   1) a musician who plays several instruments during a solo performance. 2) a person who alone undertakes or is responsible for several tasks.     Combine these 2 definitions and […]

Meet The One Man Band – Page 22

Meet The One Man Band – Page 21

  I can only hope I have given you more or ived from you. Thank you all.

Meet The One Man Band – Page 20

‘If you build it, they will come’…and they did! at least as much as I have rece

Meet The One Man Band – Page 18

Meet The One Man Band – Page 19

Meet The One Man Band – Page 16